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Category: FOALS

Foals – Cafe D’Athens Lyrics

Cafe D’Athens Lyrics By Foals You see through me in time And I ride white horses on hills I long for you All through bleeding June Will I reach silent […]

Foals – Syrups Lyrics

Syrups Lyrics By Foals Wrap me up in goodbyes Old Sargasso sky ‘Cause I’m about to take flight Please don’t ask me why And if the devil wants me Tell […]

Foals – White Onions Lyrics

White Onions Lyrics By Foals I see you lie, I see you lay, I see you there Oh oh I’ll fight for it, I’ll fight for it, I’ll fight for […]

Foals – Moonlight Lyrics

Moonlight Lyrics By Foals I walked into the desert I walked out of the past You were ridin’ in a black hole To sing the songs at the table again […]

Foals - In Degrees Lyrics

Foals – In Degrees Lyrics

In Degrees Lyrics By Foals We’re caught up in silence I lose you in degrees See you through the glass doors I’ve looked all up and down now But lose […]

Foals – Sunday Lyrics

Sunday Lyrics By Foals Time has come and time is gone Cities burn, we got youth to spend And time to waste in love To live again, my friend Through […]

Foals – On The Luna Lyrics

When I was a latchkey kid on the Luna A free-from-guilt born Babyboomer Can’t you pick me up a little bit sooner? I’ve been waiting all day, all day When […]

FOALS - Exits Lyrics

FOALS – Exits Lyrics

Exits Lyrics by FOALS [FOALS] Now the sea eats the sky But they say it’s a lie And there’s no birds left to fly We’ll hide out [FOALS] Oh, the […]