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Category: Foxes

Foxes - Dance Magic Lyrics

Foxes – Dance Magic Lyrics

Dance Magic Lyrics – Foxes I know you like when we fight Gets you where you want to be I know we try to play nice But baby, tell me […]

Foxes - Sister Ray Lyrics

Foxes – Sister Ray Lyrics

Sister Ray Lyrics – Foxes She keeps dancing Cuts the floor Still awake for Evermore Taken too much Much too young Our hearts spinning too fast, too far To love […]

Foxes - Kathleen Lyrics

Foxes – Kathleen Lyrics

Kathleen Lyrics – Foxes I could swear for a minute You could see right through me And you were reading to me like you always did And your name was […]

Foxes - Woman Lyrics

Foxes – Woman Lyrics

Woman By Foxes I can feel your eyes in my direction As though you got your claws upon my skin Tell me how you deserve my affection Just because you’re […]