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Category: Future & Juice WRLD

Future & Juice WRLD – Afterlife Lyrics

[Intro] I’m poppin’ my shit every morning (Poppin’ my shit) Then I go to paradise (Wheezy outta here) [Chorus] Cough syrup got me dozin’ off, I can see you in […]

Future & Juice WRLD – WRLD On Drugs Lyrics

[Intro: Future & Juice WRLD] Feel like (I’m working on dying) The world on drugs (The world on drugs) Drugs I need a fix [Chorus: Future, Juice WRLD & Both] The world on drugs, can […]

Future & Juice WRLD – No Issue Lyrics

[Verse 1: Future] Don’t let these bitches get in your head (Wheezy outta here) Fallin’ out of love with Xanax Livin’ my life on the edge I’m sacrificin’ everything I […]