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Category: Future

Future - Overdose Lyrics

Future – Overdose Lyrics

Overdose Lyrics by Future [Future] This s---, this s---, this s---, it’s like Velveeta You see what I’m sayin’? It’s, it’s, it’s overload, overload, overload [Future] Swag overdose (Yeah), swag […]

Future – Stick To The Models Lyrics

Stick To The Models Lyrics by Future [Future] Ayy, bro, is that Jambo? ATL Jacob, ATL Jacob Yeah, Pluto Went through the clouds, ain’t I never, never comin’ down Never […]

Future – Promise U That Lyrics

Promise U That Lyrics by Future [Future &┬áLil Juice] It ain’t no talk on this You a bad lil’ b----, don’t worry, ah Yeah-yeah-yeah, yeah-yeah-yeah (Tay Keith, f--- these n----- […]

Future – Call the Coroner Lyrics

Call the Coroner Lyrics by Future [Future] He always has been the largest drug kingpin, you know, out there (Say f--- the drug test, gon’ pass my gas mask) I […]

Future – F&N Lyrics

F&N Lyrics by Future [Part I] [Future] 808 Mafia F--- around, parked the ‘Vette and didn’t even get back in it ATL Jacob, ATL Jacob [Future] Redbone b----, yeah, like […]

Future - Temptation Lyrics

Future – Temptation Lyrics

Temptation Lyrics by Future [Future &┬áLil Juice] Freebandz Yeah, I’m the richest n---- out my city if you ain’t know These hoes can hop on Spirit Airlines about it (Tay […]

Future – Rocket Ship Lyrics

Rocket Ship Lyrics by Future [Future] Drankin’ lean, totin’ extendos Phantom long like a limo (ATL Jacob) I’ve been poppin’ since my demos I’ve been poppin’ since my demos, b---- […]

Future – Never Stop Lyrics

Never Stop Lyrics by Future [Future] I will never stop, never stop Keep goin’, keep goin’ Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah [Future] I make Yeezy Boost moves in my […]

Future - Jumpin on a Jet Lyrics

Future – Jumpin on a Jet Lyrics

Jumpin on a Jet Lyrics [Future] Yeah, ho (Jumpin’ on and off the jet) [Future] We say it’s up, then it’s up Perfect timin’, dropped a diamond in my cup […]

Future – Crushed Up Lyrics

Crushed Up Lyrics by Future [Future] Plain jane, Jackie Chan, Richard Mille You gon’ be the one bust it down, I can see it [Future] Diamonds in the face crushed […]

Future – NASA Lyrics

NASA Lyrics [Future & Ginuwine] Esco Someone who knows how to ride Super Lurk all over and through you baby Yeah Let’s do it, let’s do it [Future & French […]

Aaliyah – Aint Enough Days Lyrics

Aint Enough Days Lyrics (Feat. Future & Snoop Doggy Dogg) [Aaliyah & Future] Yo, it ain’t enough hours in a day (it ain’t enough) It ain’t enough days in a […]

Future & Juice WRLD – Fine China Lyrics

Fine China by Future & Juice WRLD Released : 2018 [Juice WRLD (Future):] (Da WRLD on drugs) Ten (Yeah) thousand dollar plates (Thousand dollar plates) Thousand dollar plates, fine china […]