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Category: Gabbie Hanna

Gabbie Hanna - Special Lyrics

Gabbie Hanna – Special Lyrics

Special By Gabbie Hanna I’m not special Who the hell am I to think I’m special? I’m not so well Thanks for asking But you probably figured what else is […]

Gabbie Hanna - Happy Lyrics

Gabbie Hanna – Happy Lyrics

Happy By Gabbie Hanna Hi baby, what’s up? I’ve always found my comfort in the chaos I see the beauty in my pain Now I’m stuck searchin’ for new inspiration […]

Gabbie Hanna – Glass House Lyrics

Gabbie Hanna – Glass House Lyrics

Glass House By Gabbie Hanna I got people blamin’ me for shit they did to me Lots of people shamin’ me for shit they didn’t see So point the finger, […]

Gabbie Hanna – Dandelion Lyrics

Dandelion By Gabbie Hanna when i was a little girl my mama said to me what’s your favorite flower, darling? i’ll get you the seed i said, dandelion! dandelion! that […]