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Category: Gabrielle Aplin

Gabrielle Aplin – Invisible Lyrics

Invisible by Gabrielle Aplin Laying wide awake cause I’ve got so much to say I’m trying to trace that look on your face When I bring it up you say […]

Gabrielle Aplin – Magic Lyrics

Magic By Gabrielle Aplin Remember when we snuck out of your birthday Didn’t even say goodbye Cause even there in a room full of faces All I saw was you […]

Gabrielle Aplin - Kintsugi Lyrics

Gabrielle Aplin – Kintsugi Lyrics

Kintsugi by Gabrielle Aplin Sometimes I got a smile on my face Sometimes I guess that I’ve gotta fake it Cause honesty is so out of place And everyone’s afraid […]

Gabrielle Aplin – Night Bus Lyrics

I’m on the night bus I’m thinking about us The streetlights go fleeting by The man sat next to me Is texting somebody I wonder what that feels like Maybe […]

Gabrielle Aplin – Miss You Lyrics

Miss You Lyrics by Gabrielle Aplin So what you been doing? I’ve been loving my life waking up on my own Are you doing the same thing? You can say […]