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Category: Galantis

Galantis – Faith Lyrics

Faith By Galantis Know the road gets hard And you just want to leave I ain’t ever too far Just have a little faith in me When all the fears […]

Galantis – Holy Water Lyrics

Holy Water by Galantis: Holy Water Lyrics: I can’t get down Down from this high High as a waterfall If hearts could fly Want you to breathe Breathe next to […]

Galantis – Bones Lyrics

Bones Lyrics by Galantis (feat. OneRepublic) You bring an energy I’ve never felt before Some kind of chemical that reaches to my core Feels like, as far as you and […]

Galantis – San Francisco Lyrics

San Francisco Lyrics by Galantis (with Sofia Carson) I met you in a bar in San Francisco Said you used to have a car before the repo Smoking Lucky cigarettes, […]

Emoji Lyrics

Galantis – Emoji Lyrics

Emoji Lyrics by Galantis Released: 2018 I was young, we were growing up Yeah, I know but I don’t know enough I know it’s late, just got back from work […]


Galantis – Satisfied Lyrics

Satisfied by Galantis (feat. MAX) / Mama Look at Me Now One hand on my shoulder Get a little bit closer Come on, make a move, yeah Skip through all […]

Galantis – Girls On Boys Lyrics

Girls On Boys by Galantis Feat. ROZES Released : 2017 There were girls on boys, there were girls on girls Red heels on a table, in a champagne blur It […]