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Category: Galantis

Galantis & Wrabel – The Lake Lyrics

The Lake By Galantis & Wrabel My, my, my remembered that place Yeah, the whole thing started there My, my, my, back here Those days there was magic everywhere Now […]

Galantis - Stella Lyrics

Galantis – Stella Lyrics

Galantis – Stella Lyrics Stella Got the conversation that I like Serving tables way after midnight Stealing hearts away like a thief in the night where you move through the […]

Galantis – Faith Lyrics

Faith By Galantis Know the road gets hard And you just want to leave I ain’t ever too far Just have a little faith in me When all the fears […]

Galantis – Holy Water Lyrics

Holy Water by Galantis: Holy Water Lyrics: I can’t get down Down from this high High as a waterfall If hearts could fly Want you to breathe Breathe next to […]