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Category: Gallant

Gallant – sleep on it Lyrics

sleep on it by Gallant Spend an hour, two Me and you are runnin’ circles ’round our pride You said the same thing twice And I’m not countin’ but I Wish I could […]

Gallant – Crimes Lyrics

Crimes by Gallant You’re just takin’ what you find Baby it’s all mine, mine, mine And you’re think that you could justify it You only stay the night Give me […]

Gallant – Sharpest Edges Lyrics

Sharpest Edges by Gallant They said a little bit of you was all I needed But they didn’t tell that one step closer to you Is a step closer to […]

Gallant – Doesn’t Matter Lyrics

Doesn’t Matter by Gallant Released : 2018 Talking to the moon with the lights down Half a dussin ovals in your mouth You’re amused [?] sour bleeding through your headphones Knuckles in […]