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Category: Gary Kazazian

Gary Kazazian – Maple Door Lyrics

Maple Door Lyrics by Gary Kazazian Summer came the robins flew and Your eyes said u had room That maple door your father built he framed for us to bloom […]

Gary Kazazian – Sticks Lyrics

Sticks Lyrics by Gary Kazazian The police came down from the woodshed They found the man Sprinkled with that switchblade rain Bourbon river on a window pane And if the […]

Gary Kazazian – Sweetness and Truth Lyrics

Sweetness and Truth Lyrics by Gary Kazazian Far away from heavy water There are things I always wanted You’re the one without a cover You’re my sweetheart, you’re my sweetheart […]

Gary Kazazian – Finally Lyrics

Finally Lyrics by Gary Kazazian [Gary Kazazian] Let me hold you in my arms I finally remember you Let me show just what I know, should have learned it long […]