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Category: George Strait

George Strait – Take Me Away Lyrics

Wild horses couldn’t drag me away Not today, not tonight, not any other time Girl, it ain’t gonna happen If you’re wonderin’ or askin’ It’s the farthest thing from my […]

George Strait – Código Lyrics

Baby, just like you It’s something new I just had to try I didn’t plan on it But a sip and you’ll want it It’s a beautiful high The perfect […]

George Strait – Two More Wishes Lyrics

There must have been a genie at the bottom of the bottle ‘Cause I was hopin’ real hard that you’d appear The temperature here keeps gettin’ hotter So let’s go […]

George Strait – Blue Water Lyrics

The whole world’s spinning in the wrong direction Body and soul needs a resurrection Ain’t had a single thing go my way And I can’t tell ya how many days […]