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Category: Giveon

Giveon - Still Your Best Lyrics

Giveon – Still Your Best Lyrics

Still Your Best Lyrics By Giveon Are you serious? Are you kiddin’ me? What’s the deal? Oh no, no (Yeah) This the one you talking ’bout that’s supposed to take […]

Giveon - Last Time Lyrics

Giveon – Last Time Lyrics

Last Time Lyrics By Giveon Mmm, mmm-mmm Come over, I know I shouldn’t, know you shouldn’t Should I come over? No Back into your arms again and you say it’s […]

Giveon - Stuck On You Lyrics

Giveon – Stuck On You Lyrics

Stuck On You Lyrics By Giveon Up in your room once again, tempted, Bad for me its the truth but I can’t miss this, Don’t tell my friends that im […]


Giveon – HEARTBREAK ANNIVERSARY Lyrics Ooh Balloons are deflated Guess they look lifeless like me We miss you on your side of the bed, mmm Still got your things here […]