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Category: GJan

GJan – Melagė Lyrics

Melagė Lyrics by GJan Is sielvarto metu rankas zemyn Lietau paslepki sita skausma Bijau sie zodziai liks neisgirsti Nes alkoholis plove jausma Prasau isgirsk dar kart ka tau sakau Prisiek […]

GJan – Clothes Off Lyrics

Clothes Off by GJan Take all your clothes off Just close your eyes Take a breathe It doesn’t matter what other people say Time will fade them away You’re beautiful […]

GJan – Wild Lyrics

I sing the same song Listening to the same chords Trapped in my own mind I‘m lost in time And I forgot how it feels to be alive I want […]

GJan – Mountains Lyrics

Mountains by GJan Feat. Gizzle Released : 2017 All my life is scripted All they say You’ll never be what you want Thought who can fix me? How can I […]

GJan – Torchlight Lyrics

Torchlight by GJan Released : 2017 Just look around me No wonder why I’m still awake This mess around me And everything I didn’t say I kept it inside my […]

GJan – 7 Billion Lyrics

7 Billion by GJan Released : 2017 Gunshots Seems they won’t stop People with blue eyes Who let their dream die Job done Look what we’ve become Soldiers with no […]

GJan – Do It Lyrics

Do it by GJan Released : 2017 You don’t love me You just think you do You don’t need me Your heart says you do You don’t know to me […]

GJan – Monsters Lyrics

Monsters by GJan Released : 2017 The ground is moving We are the ones doing it Crazy life And I don’t want to lose it And I’m just asking Is […]

GJan – Instructions Lyrics

Instructions by GJan Released : 2017 What your gonna do? Hey, good morning, get up We have things to discuss You are out of luck Now listen up Told me […]

GJan – Love Triangle Lyrics

Love Triangle by GJan Feat. Saint Released : 2017 This bed is empty I’m cold and helpless tonight But I’m pretending to be fine Kinda funny You said it’s over […]

GJan – Together Lyrics

Together by GJan Released : 2017 Where are you taking me, just say, The feeling we have, made me so complete, Now we are together fighting for the things we […]

Gjan – Wasn’t Easy Lyrics

Wasn’t Easy by Gjan Released : 2017 Genre : Pop Label : Global Records It wasn’t easy to turn my back on you, It wasn’t easy to say I don’t […]