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Category: GNAR

GNAR – Octane Sex Lyrics

Octane S-- by GNAR: We back-to-back in the Phantom, we sippin’ Fanta (S---, s---, s---) Got my new b---- in Celine, hit the gasoline (Skrrt, skrrt) Put the pedal to […]

GNAR – Cobain Lyrics

Cobain by GNAR: I can’t feel no pain I’m a rockstar like Cobain You died, took my heart away We gon’ ball like Hardaway Yeah, yeah, yeah Lamborghini driving, uh, I put on the […]

GNAR – Eastside Lyrics

Eastside by GNAR: Yeah, I’m from the east side (East side) But I get all my b------ from the south side, uh (Side) Ratchet lil’ b----, she from the south side, ayy I just […]


ON SIGHT by GNAR: On sight, f--- n----, on sight, uh (S---, s---) On sight, f--- n----, on sight, uh (S---, s---) On sight, f--- n----, on sight (S---, s---) F------ with the gang, […]

GNAR – Background Lyrics

Background by GNAR: Me and Dee Money want millions Millions, yeah, I want the millions I want the millions If I’m in the background, gotta get the millions If you […]

GNAR – War Paint Lyrics

War Paint by GNAR: I know Tia (I know Tia) You gon’ T up (You know Keisha) I didn’t body down, listen on the real ‘Cause I know Nina (I know Nina), and she […]

GNAR – Bad Memories Lyrics

Bad Memories by GNAR: Ain’t goin’ back to you, ayy I’d rather die than to love you, I said no more, okay, I’m through (S---) Go so fast up in […]

GNAR – Balmain Biker Lyrics

Balmain Biker by GNAR: Foreign hoes, yeah, that’s all that we know (Know) Rock shows everywhere that I go (Go) Don’t know, all the diamonds, they froze (Froze) Back it up, back it up, […]

GNAR – Cabbage Lyrics

Cabbage By GNAR: Sorry I did you wrong Sorry  I did you wrong, it had to happen Sorry  I did you wrong, it had to happen Ayy Yaygo! Sorry I […]

GNAR – Death Note Lyrics

Death Note by GNAR: I got demons in my brain They want me to let it go They want me to let it go Bust down glass all in the […]