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Category: Gnash

gnash – Alright Lyrics

Alright By gnash I always thought you were a part of me I felt you clogging in my arteries I’m not as perfect as the boy you see He isn’t […]

gnash – forgive Lyrics

forgive by gnash Lyrics: I know you’re mad when you can’t even look at me in my eyes And when you say you’re sad I need you better, make it […]

gnash – i’m so sad Lyrics

“i’m so sad” Released May 19, 2019 by gnash [gnash] I’m so, yeah [gnash] I’m so sad right now Too late, calm down I’m so sad right now I’m so […]

gnash - p.s. Lyrics

gnash – p.s. Lyrics

p.s. Lyrics [gnash] Some days I feel like givin’ up, givin’ in Losin’ hope, losin’ friends I’ve been trying hard not to lose my breath Ever since you left, but […]

gnash - feel better Lyrics

gnash – feel better Lyrics

feel better Lyrics [gnash] If emotion’s a wave, then sad is a tidal It’s a hell of a ride, but feeling is vital ‘Cause if we don’t then we won’t […]