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Category: Gnash

gnash – Alright Lyrics

Alright By gnash I always thought you were a part of me I felt you clogging in my arteries I’m not as perfect as the boy you see He isn’t […]

gnash – forgive Lyrics

forgive by gnash Lyrics: I know you’re mad when you can’t even look at me in my eyes And when you say you’re sad I need you better, make it […]

gnash – i’m so sad Lyrics

“i’m so sad” Released May 19, 2019 by gnash [gnash] I’m so, yeah [gnash] I’m so sad right now Too late, calm down I’m so sad right now I’m so […]

gnash - p.s. Lyrics

gnash – p.s. Lyrics

p.s. Lyrics [gnash] Some days I feel like givin’ up, givin’ in Losin’ hope, losin’ friends I’ve been trying hard not to lose my breath Ever since you left, but […]

gnash - feel better Lyrics

gnash – feel better Lyrics

feel better Lyrics [gnash] If emotion’s a wave, then sad is a tidal It’s a hell of a ride, but feeling is vital ‘Cause if we don’t then we won’t […]

gnash - wait Lyrics

gnash – wait Lyrics

wait Lyrics [gnash] Wait, wait on me This weight on me is weighing me Down, down, down, down we go And all I know is I’m to blame So, will […]

gnash - pajamas Lyrics

gnash – pajamas Lyrics

pajamas Lyrics [gnash] Let’s watch TV with the sound off ‘Cause the news is always bad Let’s be immature and ignorant ‘Cause I don’t feel like being sad I wonder […]

gnash – dear insecurity Lyrics

gnash – dear insecurity Lyrics

dear insecurity Lyrics [Ben Abraham] Dear insecurity When you gonna take your hands off me? ​When you ever gonna let me be ​Proud of who I am? ​Oh, insecurity ​When […]

gnash – insane Lyrics

insane Lyrics [gnash] I drink my coffee in the morning I brush my teeth before bed I fake a smile to keep the sad thoughts Out of my head I […]

gnash - imagine if lyrics

gnash – imagine if Lyrics

imagine if Lyrics [gnash] Oh, yeah (Yeah) [gnash] If I could go back Just for a night I would see the future And I’d make it alright Oh, darling, if […]

gnash – happy never after Lyrics

happy never after Lyrics [gnash] Once upon a time, I still believed in myself I was happy being me and didn’t need any help And then somebody that I trusted […]

gnash - be Lyrics

gnash – be Lyrics

be Lyrics [gnash] Well, I’m not sold on soulmates But do believe in twist of fate I don’t believe in shootin’ stars But made a wish and here we are […]

gnash – t-shirt Lyrics

t-shirt Lyrics gnash Faded red, short sleeves I can’t forget the way you looked without your jeans It’s in my drawer and you’re all I dream, so I had to […]

Gnash – nobody’s home Lyrics

nobody’s home Lyrics by gnash Woah, nobody’s home, I’m all alone Guess I’ll just sit here and stare at my phone When I’m all alone, you don’t even know How […]

Gnash – Superlit Lyrics

Superlit By Gnash Feat. Imad Royal Released : 2017 ‘m gonna get superlit Only way to get over it Now that you’ve done me dirty, done me dirty, yeah I […]