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Category: Gojira

Gojira - Hold On Lyrics

Gojira – Hold On Lyrics

Hold On Lyrics – Gojira I’ve been grinding and grinding O! Ocean have mercy I’ve been grinding and grinding O! Ocean have mercy I give you my life O! Son […]

Gojira - New Found Lyrics

Gojira – New Found Lyrics

New Found Lyrics – Gojira Long lost illusions, left a hole You’re filling the pond, a specter of the past A pale light is keeping you awake And dragging your […]

Gojira - Sphinx Lyrics

Gojira – Sphinx Lyrics

Sphinx Lyrics – Gojira Call upon the wise one to remember the chords The truth buried alive since the dawn of time Was it all for nothing? Great watcher of […]

Gojira - The Trails Lyrics

Gojira – The Trails Lyrics

The Trails Lyrics – Gojira All that you see that is gold is truly gold I spotted through the vines, a deer in the wild Signs in the trails Beyond […]

Gojira - Grind Lyrics

Gojira – Grind Lyrics

Grind Lyrics – Gojira Surrender to the grind Embrace the laws that make you cringe You will be fixed in no time If you go all the way Grind! Grind! […]

Gojira - The Chant Lyrics

Gojira – The Chant Lyrics

The Chant Lyrics – Gojira You were told to swallow, crawl, and hide Victims of fear and deception Get a hold of yourself, rise above A better part of you, […]