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Category: GoldLink

Goldlink lyrics

GoldLink – Swoosh Lyrics

Swoosh Lyrics by GoldLink They didn’t think a king could do it all again Like he supposed to came and went Like the n----- before him I was cooling with […]

GoldLink – Rumble Lyrics

Rumble Lyrics by GoldLink Damn, daddy, this s--- crank Exclusive I keep my energy calibrated Only show up so they know I made it All my diamonds elite, hydrated When […]

GoldLink – Tiff Freestyle Lyrics

Tiff Freestyle Lyrics by GoldLink What’s up, you b-----a-- n-----? It’s your girl ****, I’m here with my n----, GoldLink, and he’s about to… he finna freestyle Ahahaha b-b-b-baaaa Let’s […]

GoldLink – No Lie Lyrics

No Lie Lyrics by GoldLink Act like you don’t know me Mi no lie I do this thing and I do this thing for real Mi no lie Got a […]

GoldLink – Spanish Song Lyrics

Spanish Song Lyrics by GoldLink That s--- is crazy Aye, mamacita, mamacita Yeah, yeah, yeah Boy, you don’t want none of this [?] Oh, oh my Sweet like cherry pie […]

GoldLink – Yard Lyrics

Yard Lyrics by GoldLink It’s my yard, get the f--- out my yard D.C mellow baby, know that I go hard, look Southwest n----- make the gun spark I say […]

GoldLink – Coke White / Moscow Lyrics

Coke White / Moscow Lyrics by GoldLink [Part I: Coke White] Coke white cash got me fitted like Royce Millionaire drug dealer raps Waiting (Uh, um, yeah), you leave me […]

Goldlink more lyrics

GoldLink – More Lyrics

More Lyrics by GoldLink We on the phone with it And back home, you know I’m Sean Combs with it Yeah, tell ’em, yeah, I got verses for it And […]

GoldLink – Days Like This Lyrics

Days Like This Lyrics by GoldLink Days like this (Yeah) Man, I gotta vent (Yeah) I don’t have no friends (Yeah) Guess that depends on the mood that I’m in, […]

GoldLink – Maniac Lyrics

Maniac Lyrics by GoldLink Better watch your back, I’m a maniac Better watch your back, I’m a maniac Boutta make a million for all my children (All my children, oh […]

GoldLink – U Say Lyrics

You Say by GoldLink (feat. Tyler, The Creator & Jay Prince) Why, why, why Why, why, why, why Push out your back, put ya butt in it Wanna love you […]

GoldLink – Zulu Screams Lyrics

Zulu Screams by GoldLink Abiama! (Hash!) I come from! (Hash!) I come from! (Hash!) I come from! (Hash!) Abiama! (Hash!) I come from! (Hash!) I come from! (Hash!) I come […]

GoldLink – I Can Feel It Lyrics

I Can Feel It by GoldLink | Feat. H.E.R. [Esther Rolle] I can feel Him Moving, moving, mo-moving I can feel Him Moving, moving, mo-moving I can feel Him Moving, […]

GoldLink – Got Friends Lyrics

Got Friends by GoldLink | Feat. Miguel [Miguel:] She said… All of my b------ got friends, yeah All of my b------ got friends And they bad, they bad, so we […]

GoldLink – Pray Everyday Lyrics

Pray Everyday by GoldLink Album : At What Cost Released: 2017 Genre: Hip Hop / Rap Label: RCA Records Pray everyday, say your grace n---- Keep the haters, keep the demons ‘way, fam […]