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Category: Gordi

Gordi - Unready Lyrics

Gordi – Unready Lyrics

Unready By Gordi Oh the ground underneath my feet was cold I wasn’t looking for you It was up aheadAn island like a silo in the emptinessA quiet majesty in […]

Gordi – Volcanic Lyrics

Volcanic By Gordi Was it in a vacuum Is it that it’s only you that runs as deep Trying to find something to climb that doesn’t feel so steep Am […]

Gordi – Aeroplane Bathroom Lyrics

Aeroplane Bathroom By Gordi Do you see yourself Do you see yourself unravelling Do you know that these bones were always mine Where before this Where before this was I […]

Gordi – Sandwiches Lyrics

Sandwiches By Gordi Your cold hand was underneath as you slept We made sandwiches and then they said you’d left I read words that someone wrote as we cried And […]

Gordi – The Cost Lyrics

The Cost By Gordi To this scar you bear no resemblance Did you wound me there once before Because I know that I can just hold on to my hand […]