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Escape Album


Escape (Album 2018)

1. Kingdom
2. Real Life
3. Blame
4. Go Deep
5. Let It Go
6. One Last Song
7. Never Enough
8. Hear That
9. All Four Walls
10. Love Me
11. Overdose
12. Night Drive

Gorgon City – Night Drive Lyrics

Night Drive by Gorgon City Feat. Kelly Kiara Released : 2018 Take the next of (?) find Take me somewhere hard to find Where we can be alone Ain’t no […]

Gorgon City – Overdose Lyrics

Overdose by Gorgon City Feat. Josh Barry Released : 2018 (Overdose on me, overdose on me) Overdose on me, overdose on me These hollow grounds were sacred binds Well the […]

Gorgon City – Love Me Lyrics

Love Me by Gorgon City Feat. Lulu James Released : 2018 You make it easier for me to be always be in love with you You make it easier to […]

Gorgon City – Never Enough Lyrics

Never Enough by Gorgon City Feat. Chenai Released : 2018 You keep saying things you’ve said before Want something else, waiting for something more You’ll give up I’ll give out […]

Let It Go

Gorgon City – Let It Go Lyrics

Let It Go by Gorgon City Feat. Naations Released : 2018 I know what it’s like watch me cover them out with cries hmm mm Why did I want so […]

Go Deep

Gorgon City – Go Deep Lyrics

Go Deep by Gorgon City Feat. Kamille & Ghosted Released : 2018 [Kamille:] I-I-I-I go deep Blue like love hurts This is lightning Future spaces Taking my heart Did you […]


Gorgon City – Blame Lyrics

Blame by Gorgon City Feat. Josh Barry Released : 2018 Play the fool and we can pay the price one day Down the line They say young hearts [?] God damn, […]

Gorgon City – Real Life Lyrics

Real Life by Gorgon City Feat. Naations & Duke Dumont Released : 2018 Love you in real life It means nothing If you don’t know what you got You make […]


Gorgon City – Kingdom Lyrics

Kingdom by Gorgon City Feat. Raphaella Released : 2018 I didn’t see any color Only black and white Through my eyes kept searching for the summer Hope the sun raise […]

Gorgon City – Escape

Gorgon City – Escape (Album Lyrics)

Album : Escape Release Date: August 10, 2018 Genre : Dance Tracklist 1. Kingdom (+ Raphaella) 2. Real Life (+ Naations + Duke Dumont) 3. Blame (+ Josh Barry) 4. […]

Gorgon City – One Last Song Lyrics

ne Last Song by Gorgon City Feat. JP Cooper, Yungen Released : 2018 Full Lyrics will be available soon. check Back later or you can send us the lyrics using […]

Gorgon City - Hear That

Gorgon City – Hear That Lyrics

Hear That by Gorgon City (With D Double E) Hear that, hear that Hear that, hear that I don’t wanna hear that Hear that, hear that, no Hear that, hear […]