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Category: Gorillaz

Gorillaz Lyrics

Gorillaz – One Percent Lyrics

One Percent by Gorillaz Every sound Every sound from every world receiving Every world receiving you Anyone Not anyone of us who isn’t searching Everyone’s receiving you Come by the […]

Gorillaz Lyrics

Gorillaz – Magic City Lyrics

Magic City by Gorillaz I’m on the high ridge looking down While we’re evolving in it all If I get back then I’ll be grateful Look there’s a billboard on […]

Gorillaz Lyrics

Gorillaz – Lake Zurich Lyrics

Lake Zurich by Gorillaz Last chance to buy before you fly Last chance to buy before you fly Okay In the morning it came to me Build a tunnel from […]

Gorillaz Lyrics

Gorillaz – Idaho Lyrics

Idaho by Gorillaz I landed on the silver lake Washed up and feeling blue Heard the sound of footsteps Drifting softly to the Moon Looking for clear water I had […]

Gorillaz Lyrics

Gorillaz – Sorcererz Lyrics

Sorcererz by Gorillaz Hey, what is this drumming I’m hearing now Over on me Everybody cool down Everybody see yourself Everybody on time, on time Everybody hold on Everybody hold […]

Gorillaz Lyrics

Gorillaz – Kansas Lyrics

Kansas by Gorillaz I’m not gonna cry I’ve got more time to give I’m not gonna cry I’ll find another dream Am I incapable of healing? The memory of my […]

Gorillaz Lyrics

Gorillaz – Hollywood Lyrics

Hollywood by Gorillaz | Feat. Snoop Dogg & Jamie Principle [Jamie Principle:] Where the beautiful people at? I said where the beautiful people at? Beautiful people clap your hands Freaky […]

Gorillaz Lyrics

Gorillaz – Tranz Lyrics

Tranz by Gorillaz Oscillate yourself tonight When you’re in your bed Assimilate the dopamine Passing through your head When you get back on a Saturday night And the room is […]

Gorillaz – Fire Flies Lyrics

Fire Flies by Gorillaz If you see me floating too many times My face will be painted in these white brick lines ‘Cos all my fears invaded All the crazies […]

Gorillaz – Humility Lyrics

Humility Lyrics by Gorillaz | Feat. George Benson Calling the world from isolation ’cause right now, that’s the ball where we’re betrayed And if you’re coming back to find me […]

Gorillaz – Let Me Out Lyrics

Let Me Out by Gorillaz (feat. Mavis Staples & Pusha T) Released : 2017 Genre : Alternative Rock [Pusha T] Mama Mavis, oh Mama, they tried my patience Obama is […]