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Category: Gorillaz

Gorillaz - PAC-MAN Lyrics

Gorillaz – PAC-MAN Lyrics

PAC-MAN By Gorillaz Alrighty Let’s go Uh, ah You can freak me out, you can throw me in the lion pit You can borrow my hands and tell me I’m […]

Gorillaz - Friday 13th Lyrics

Gorillaz – Friday 13th Lyrics

Friday 13th By Gorillaz I been drinkin’ and smokin’ too much, that shit damagesGimme a lot, I can do it myself, I can manage itTwo signs, I gotta leave, and […]

Gorillaz – How Far Lyrics

How Far By Gorillaz Yeah, wah gwaan brudda? Time to hustle for the money, give the change to your mother Change them sheets, you got stains on the cover Better […]

Gorillaz – Aries Lyrics

Aries By Gorillaz Aries I’m looking out at a volcano Trying to read the world today and see where you’re at I’ll never do that I’m a model that is […]

Gorillaz – Désolé Lyrics

Désolé By Gorillaz Désolé Désolé, contrebande Désolé I’m a long way from land Désolé I don’t know what to do Désolé, désolé Try to hold on to you Désolé, désolé […]

Gorillaz – Machine Bitez #3 Lyrics

Gorillaz – Machine Bitez #3 Lyrics Hello, how are you doin’? How are you doing? I’m good, what’s happenin’? What’d you get for Christmas? You said Father Christmas might not […]