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Category: Gorillaz

Gorillaz - Dead Butterflies Lyrics

Gorillaz – Dead Butterflies Lyrics

Dead Butterflies Lyrics – Gorillaz (Mike WiLL Made-It) Oh, when was I supposed to Bow down with you? (Yeah) What can I be faithful? There’s nothing in this fire (Can […]

Gorillaz - Chalk Tablet Towers Lyrics

Gorillaz – Chalk Tablet Towers Lyrics

Chalk Tablet Towers Lyrics – Gorillaz Chalk tablet towers, like drawing shadows Chemical distraction, you are not with me I departed in the spring, to a distant star But I […]

Gorillaz - Severed Head Lyrics

Gorillaz – Severed Head Lyrics

Severed Head Lyrics – Gorillaz Soft decay Soft decay Soft decay Soft decay I’ve been losing everything, yeah I can’t keep a fuckin’ thing, yeah Do the money, Do the […]

Gorillaz - Simplicity Lyrics

Gorillaz – Simplicity Lyrics

Simplicity Lyrics – Gorillaz It’s starting to pour Why don’t we get out and then dance on the pavement You’ve abandoned your war The sky is honorary lighting and we’re […]

Gorillaz - Opium Lyrics

Gorillaz – Opium Lyrics

Opium Lyrics – Gorillaz I been cooped up for a minute I been inside livin’ lonely I don’t bother changin’, I see I’m gon’ bless my way after these [?] […]