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Category: GOT7

GOT7 – Crazy Lyrics

Crazy By GOT7 [Romanized:] Naege malhaejwo Seoroga chojeomeul matchul ttae Take you down Take you down Nal barabwa jwo Nae nune neol damaduge Mworado malhae da haejulge Witaeroun ne siseonui […]

GOT7 – Not By The Moon Lyrics

Not By The Moon By GOT7 English Translation You’re spreading inside me The moment I found you in the darkness Your voice surrounds me warmly Whenever I feel your warmth […]

GOT7 – Love You Better Lyrics

Love You Better By GOT7 English Translation In the sky that became dark Stars that were blue are falling Without being able to suppress my longing heart I came running […]

GOT7 – Trust My Love Lyrics

Trust My Love By GOT7 English Translation Where is this place I’m a drifting lost child On top of a dark ocean There’s only you and me Big waves are […]

GOT7 – Poison Lyrics

Poison By GOT7 + English Translation It might seem pathetic Real love that I chose Everyone says that it’s easy to fall in, it blooms and falls Break up numerous […]

GOT7 – Lullaby Lyrics

Lullaby by GOT7 Released : 2018 HANGUL 한낮에 꾸는 꿈 믿기지 않을 뿐 여전히 난 거짓말 같아 눈 떠보면 너의 품 안도의 한숨 Girl 네가 부르는 내 이름 뭐든 널 […]