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Category: Grace VanderWaal

Grace VanderWaal – Talk Good Lyrics

Talk Good by Grace VanderWaal Released : 2017 It sounded so much better in my mind, mind I guess I messed it up again this time, time, time There’s something […]

Grace VanderWaal – Burned Lyrics

Burned by Grace VanderWaal Released : 2017 You tell me that I’m crazy Doing this alone You don’t need to save me Oh how I’ve grown I am capable of […]

Grace VanderWaal – Moonlight Lyrics

Moonlight by Grace VanderWaal Released : 2017 She always has a smile From morning to the night The perfect poster child That was once in my life A doll made […]

Grace VanderWaal – Florets Lyrics

Florets by Grace VanderWaal Released : 2017 Wake up In a dream dream dream But the air is soft To breathe breathe breathe So hold on and don’t let go […]

Grace VanderWaal – City Song Lyrics

City Song by Grace VanderWaal Released : 2017 Fresh laid concrete Melodies blowing Don’t care where we’re going But the day is wasting So just keep moving But take it […]

Grace VanderWaal – Gossip Girl Lyrics

Gossip Girl by Grace VanderWaal Hugs and kisses Best friends forever, you tell me Pinky swears and bracelets Always telling secrets at slumber parties Not trying to point any fingers […]