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Category: Grady

Grady – enough Lyrics

enough By Grady I don’t get up in the morning It’s hard to get up at all I’ve spent the whole week in mourning Even though I could call So […]

Grady – of being alone Lyrics

of being alone By Grady Mind games I’m playing myself in mind games You said “tell it like it is” And i did, but now i think i told it […]

Grady – when you’re lonely Lyrics

when you’re lonely By Grady I despise falling out of touch with someone I loved so much To protect myself We learn everything over a few months just to break […]

Grady – Open Lyrics

Open by Grady (Feat. Cailin Russo) [Intro] Grady Are you done with the bullshit All the toxic emotions… [Verse 1] [Cailin] Open the gates like a break in the wave […]

Grady – Garden Lyrics

Garden Lyrics by Grady (This just feels so good, just like a nice breeze) Chilling in the garden Rosé in the roses Summer said it started Tatted me up now […]