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Category: Grandson

grandson - In Over My Head Lyrics

grandson – In Over My Head Lyrics

In Over My Head Lyrics – grandson When I was nine I’d make believe The good guy always caught the thief The room went dark and I couldn’t sleep I […]

grandson - Left Behind Lyrics

grandson – Left Behind Lyrics

Left Behind Lyrics – grandson When she asks me where I’m from I catch my tongue before saying I’m American It’s getting embarrassing It’s getting embarrassing Freedom’s running up a […]

grandson - WW3 Lyrics

grandson – WW3 Lyrics

WW3 Lyrics – grandson Tell me what I’m supposed to think‬ When the bullets start to pour Lie about some greater good‬ When you ship me off to war‬ Thousand […]

grandson - Pain Shopping Lyrics

grandson – Pain Shopping Lyrics

Pain Shopping Lyrics – grandson Depression on sale for a limited time You can get it in person or get it online Half of us on a prescription, yeah We […]

grandson - Drop Dead Lyrics

grandson – Drop Dead Lyrics

Drop Dead Lyrics – grandson Sometimes the bad guy wins Sometimes the good guy dies When the screen goes black I’ll be with you in the back On the bright […]