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Category: Grandson

grandson – Identity Lyrics

Identity By grandson Nobody really cared, so it never really mattered It never really mattered, so it never really happened What’s the point in fightin’ for a happy ever after? […]

grandson – Die Young Lyrics

Die Young by grandson: i just threw out the winning ticket sometimes I smoke it and i sip it i got one live so imma live it that is until […]

grandson – Destroy Me Lyrics

Destroy Me by grandson: I bring the match You bring the gasoline It turns me on when You set me on fire Enter my blood stream You are my nicotine […]

grandson – Put Me Under Lyrics

Put Me Under by grandson: Put me under Put me under Turn off my mind Turn off the news Turn it all off I’m not ready to choose Nothing is […]

grandson – oh no!!! Lyrics

oh no!!! by grandson there’s smoke in the sky again So I’m getting high again take another hit to the diaphragm I never drew the diagram How to deal with […]

grandson – Rock Bottom Lyrics

Rock Bottom by grandson Tell me how did we get here? And where the fuck do we go now? First I was floating through the atmosphere But now I’m looking […]