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Category: Grimes

Indie-electro in the shape of visual artist/singer/songwriter/musician Claire Elise Boucher (given name GRIMES), the world of experimental pop music became aware of her organic talents on hearing her 4th album, `Art Angels’, late in 2015. Rewinding back the years to 2009, the kooky Canadian lass (born March 17, 1988, Vancouver) was making sweet ’n’ sour music as she read papers on neuroscience at Montreal’s McGill University; some of these sounds from her Lab Synthese period and subsequent shows at a nearby textile factory led her to be expelled from her studies.

Grimes - Delicate Weapon Lyrics

Grimes – Delicate Weapon Lyrics

Delicate Weapon Lyrics – Grimes (From Album This story is dedicated to all those cyberpunks who fight against injustice and corruption every day of their lives! (DJ Mix)) It makes […]

Grimes – IDORU Lyrics

IDORU By Grimes You are the only one Babe, I was so numb And even though I’m breaking, at least I feel something (Just like release) Look, I say As […]

Grimes – Delete Forever Lyrics

Delete Forever By Grimes Lying so awake, things I can’t escape Lately, I just turn ’em into demons Flowing to the sun, fucking heroin Lately I just turn ’em into […]

Grimes - New Gods Lyrics

Grimes – New Gods Lyrics

New Gods By Grimes Oh, you’re all I know But what can I do if I can’t see, you’re too bright Broken glass that shines in all the lights So […]

Grimes – 4ÆM Lyrics

4ÆM By Grimes Ooh Wrote your constellation Ooh, I wrote your constellation into the sky We’re out late, at 4AM He says how’s the weather, baby? How’ve you been? You’re […]

Grimes – My Name is Dark Lyrics

My Name is Dark By Grimes So we party when the sun goes low And tonight, wishes I’m so doped out I’m not shy but I refuse to speak Because […]

Grimes & i_o – Violence Lyrics

Violence by Grimes & i_o i am like, begging for you baby makes you wanna party, wanna wake up baby it’s violence, violence baby it’s violence but you can’t see […]

Grimes – Genesis Lyrics

Genesis Lyrics by Grimes From Teen Spirit (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) My heart, I never be, I never see, I never know Oh, heart, and then it falls, and then […]

Grimes – Pretty Dark Lyrics

Pretty Dark Lyrics By Grimes I wish I could be Your first love the way you are mine Wish u didn’t remember this feeling But knew it The way I […]

Grimes – We Appreciate Power Lyrics

Grimes – We Appreciate Power Lyrics

We Appreciate Power Lyrics Grimes Ft. Hana [HANA] We appreciate power We appreciate power We appreciate power, power [HANA] What will it take to make you capitulate? We appreciate power […]