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Category: GRiZ

GRiZ – Supadupakulavibe Lyrics

Supadupakulavibe by GRiZ: I feel alive baby I feel alive And it’s alright And it’s alright I feel alive baby I feel alive And it’s alright And it’s alright I […]

GRiZ – I Like That Lyrics

I Like That by GRiZ: When I pull up to the spot (yeah yeah yeah yeah) Throwing out to the crew (all day all day) Gonna roll with the earth […]

GRiZ – Freak the Method Lyrics

Freak the Method by GRiZ Lord knows i love it I’m comin’ up from somethin’ This energy is lovely I’m acting out in public I show’em i don’t care They […]

GRiZ – Barrel of a Gun Lyrics

Barrel of a Gun Lyrics by GRiZ (ft. Leo Napier) [Leo Napier] Every I time I see the sunshine, oh yeah [Leo Napier] When I was a young man, thought […]

GRiZ – Mercy Lyrics

Mercy Lyrics by GRiZ [GRiZ] I’m on fire at last I burn this to the ground, it’s all dust and ashes now I am shaking this town Running circles ’round […]

GRiZ – The Escape Lyrics

The Escape Lyrics by GRiZ [GRiZ] And like a mirage in the desert, poof, he was gone [GRiZ] I’m getting closer to thinking that there’s a way out It’s got […]

GRiZ – Caught Up Lyrics

Caught Up Lyrics by GRiZ Feat. Muzzy Bearr I’m caught up in this feeling, I ain’t even trippin’ though Higher than the ceiling, elevate my frequency Oh, I love this […]

GRiZ – Bustin’ Out Lyrics

Bustin’ Out Lyrics by GRiZ (Feat. Bootsy Collins) You can’t cool me down, I’m too hot Oh, it’s astronomical, baby Now dig A kid from the mitt in tone with […]

GRiZ – It Gets Better

It Gets Better Lyrics by GRiZ (feat. DRAM) We Won I know, I know it gets better. Aye You ain’t gotta be stressed out, and Go and turn the music […]

GRiZ – The Prayer Lyrics

The Prayer Lyrics by GRiZ [GRiZ] You know what they say; life isn’t meant to be easy, baby—it’s meant to be lived. So enjoy the ups and downs, and remember; […]

GRiZ – A New Day Lyrics

A New Day Lyrics by GRiZ (Feat.Matisyahu) Fighting for our peace with the violence People trading blood with the diamonds I feel like we might never learn Shots to the […]

GRiZ – Cruise Control Lyrics

Cruise Control Lyrics by GRiZ (Feat. BXRBER) Ignition sequence start Six, five, four, three, two, one Ohh Liftoff Allow me to introduce me I’m smooth like butter, this is my […]

GRiZ – My Friends and I Pt. 2 Lyrics

My Friends and I Pt. 2 Lyrics by GRiZ Bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce Bounce, bounce, that- that- that’s what’s up [ProbCause] I got my squad on deck Yeah, yeah, that’s […]

GRiZ – I’m Good Lyrics

I’m Good Lyrics by GRiZ [GRiZ] Ha ha Oh s---, my bad Tell ’em how it is, yeah [GRiZ] Oh, I don’t need much but a good tune Just a […]

GRiZ – Can’t Get Enough Lyrics

Can’t Get Enough Lyrics by GRiZ [GRiZ] You the man Mackin’, mayhem, murder, milk, money Mobbin’, M&M, oh man (I’m GRiZ) Man, G is for what? Keepin’ it gutter (Time […]

GRiZ – Maybe Lyrics

Maybe Lyrics by GRiZ [Yoshi Flower] Oh, city of lights, how you shine so brightly With your stars overhead, you make my eyes glow Oh, city of dreams, how you […]