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Category: Grouplove

Grouplove – Promises Lyrics

Promises By Grouplove Nothin’ disappoints me like the news, nothin’ disappoints me Nothing’s gonna hit you like the truth, nothing’s gonna hit you Through a reporter You’re just followin’ orders […]

Grouplove – Ahead Of Myself Lyrics

Ahead Of Myself By Grouplove Should I reconsider all the side effects before I get ahead of myself, ahead of myself? I know my liver must be mad at me […]

Grouplove – Burial Lyrics

Burial By Grouplove This is all I got left A broken record and a dog If I’m bein’ honest This’ll be our last song Dirty little secret Buried in my […]

Grouplove – Inside Out Lyrics

Inside Out By Grouplove Yeah, I think I know what I’ve always failed to see That nothin’ in this world comes at you for free But how you gonna count […]