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Category: Gryffin

Gryffin & John Martin - Cry Lyrics

Gryffin & John Martin – Cry Lyrics

Cry By Gryffin & John Martin Time’s on your side When you’re six years young and brave Heart’s beating wild Like it’s strong and could never break Then you meet […]

Gryffin – Just For A Moment Lyrics

Just For A Moment By Gryffin I’ll tell you something you need to know Nothing I can say from the phone I’ll tell you something, we have to see ’cause […]

Gryffin – Out Of My Mind Lyrics

Out Of My Mind By Gryffin Lyrics Elevator doors close on you And just a second ago I spilled the truth I told you I had feelings Feelings for you […]

Gryffin – If I Left The World Lyrics

If I Left The World By Gryffin Lyrics See a million faces Sliding down below Awful lot of strangers Only one I’m lookin’ for It’s lonely in this cabin God, […]