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Category: guardin

guardin - someday 2 Lyrics

guardin – someday 2 Lyrics

someday 2 By guardin Baby, maybe I could come through in the morning I don’t care if it’s still raining and pouring Outside your window the world is still tossing […]

guardin – stolen Lyrics

stolen By guardin (you said i could be anything that i aspire to be But no one in this world could ever want to be me) This is the last […]

guardin – stupid Lyrics

stupid By guardin Oh, oh, oh, oh Woah-oah-oah-oah-oah Woah-oah-oah-oah I don’t why I’m trying It’s hard to feel like you matter when everyone makes you feel like you don’t Why […]

guardin – again Lyrics

again By guardin Go Leave me alone She cried on the phone again Why does this never end No I didn’t know That you wanted just a friend Don’t tell […]

guardin – alive Lyrics

alive By guardin This shits a lie Go back inside Cry bout the future she’ll leave you behind I’m staying still while the seasons arrive This ain’t the place for […]