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Category: HAIM

HAIM – Up from a Dream Lyrics

Up from a Dream By HAIM I was dreaming again, you were there with me We were on the beach, running in the sea You pointed to a sign, but […]

HAIM - 3 AM Lyrics

HAIM – 3 AM Lyrics

Why are you calling, 3 AM, my head is spinning? Pushed off the sheets from my bed ‘Cause the phone keeps ringing All I keep thinking is, “Have I lost […]

HAIM – Another Try Lyrics

One thing or two things Never really mattered that much to me Now all these apologies are on repeat Is it destiny or just chemistry? We’re livin’ in such extremes […]

HAIM – Leaning on You Lyrics

I might forget to turn out all the lights But you take care of me when I have to leave at dawn I might sleep in past all my alarms […]

HAIM – I’ve Been Down Lyrics

I’ve been running around town Feeling up and down Taped up the windows at the house But I ain’t dead yet Would you even pick me out in a crowd? […]