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Category: Halestorm

Vicious Lyrics

Halestorm – Vicious Lyrics

Vicious by Halestorm You make me vicious Watch as I make the pain my mistress You can call me Miss Malicious I’ll dress you up in stitches No, I can […]

Halestorm – White Dress Lyrics

White Dress by Halestorm I used to be tryna be perfect in every way I used to care about what people say I never questioned being on picket fences I’m […]

Halestorm – Painkiller Lyrics

Painkiller by Halestorm You’re like a God, I feel so hot I got it better to habbit I’m in withdrawal, I need a hit My body’s cold, gotta have it […]

Halestorm – Conflicted Lyrics

Conflicted by Halestorm Ooo, you were really really good last night Ooo, I could do that twenty something more times And I, I know better than to play along then […]

Halestorm – Do Not Disturb Lyrics

Do Not Disturb by Halestorm I think we should make out In a few hours I’m getting on a plane There’s a pretty safe bet you’ll never see me again, […]

Halestorm – Buzz Lyrics

Buzz by Halestorm I do admit, I’ve come to like the attention The heavy look in your eyes So break a piece off of my latest obsession A taste of […]

Halestorm – Skulls Lyrics

Skulls by Halestorm Skulls, are being empty skulls Filling their empty lungs with the wrong kind of drugs Baby what have we become Are being empty skulls Dumb enough for […]

Halestorm – Black Vultures Lyrics

Black Vultures by Halestorm Black vultures circling the Black vultures circling the Black vultures circling the Black vultures circling the sky Feels like the end of the world But it’s […]