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Category: Halestorm

Vicious Lyrics

Halestorm – Vicious Lyrics

Vicious by Halestorm You make me vicious Watch as I make the pain my mistress You can call me Miss Malicious I’ll dress you up in stitches No, I can […]

Halestorm – White Dress Lyrics

White Dress by Halestorm I used to be tryna be perfect in every way I used to care about what people say I never questioned being on picket fences I’m […]

Halestorm – Painkiller Lyrics

Painkiller by Halestorm You’re like a God, I feel so hot I got it better to habbit I’m in withdrawal, I need a hit My body’s cold, gotta have it […]

Halestorm – Conflicted Lyrics

Conflicted by Halestorm Ooo, you were really really good last night Ooo, I could do that twenty something more times And I, I know better than to play along then […]