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Category: Halsey

Halsey – Dominic’s Interlude Lyrics

Dominic’s Interlude by Halsey Your lives are fragile and timeless It’s beautiful, there’s power in the words you whisper You treat your colors so mindless And he don’t see the […]

Halsey – I HATE EVERYBODY Lyrics

I HATE EVERYBODY by Halsey I’m my own biggest enemy Yeah, all my empathy’s a disaster Feelin’ somethin’ like a scaly thing Wrapped too tightly ’round my own master My […]

Halsey – 3am Lyrics

3am by Halsey Darling, I’ve just left the bar and I’ve misplaced all my credit cards My self-preservation and all of my reservations Are sittin’ and contemplating what to do […]

Halsey – Alanis’ Interlude Lyrics

Alanis’ Interlude by Halsey Don’t chain your innocence A shining badge, a suit to match Bit my nails down so they wouldn’t scratch But who believes in needs like these? […]

Halsey – killing boys Lyrics

killing boys by Halsey You’re killing people No, I’m killing boys Boys are just placeholders, they come and they go You’re my best friend, and I wanna help you, but […]

Halsey – SUGA’s Interlude Lyrics

SUGA’s Interlude by Halsey I’ve been trying all my life To separate the time In between the having it all And giving it up, yeah Ayy, 내 머릿속엔 파란색만 가득한 […]

Halsey – MORE Lyrics

MORE by Halsey They told me once, nothing grows when a house ain’t a home Is it true? Honestly? When it’s all a part of me? A couple years of […]

Halsey – Still Learning Lyrics

Still Learning by Halsey I should be living the dream But I’m livin’ with a security team And that ain’t gonna change, no I got a paranoia in me And […]

Halsey – 929 Lyrics

929 by Halsey I really was born at 9:29 AM on 9/29 You think I’m lying but I’m not, I’m being dead serious Okay, I’ll prove it Well who am […]

Halsey – clementine Lyrics

clementine by Halsey: I’d like to tell you that my sky’s not blue, its violent rain And in my world, the people on the street don’t know my name In my world, I’m seven […]

Halsey – Graveyard Lyrics

Graveyard by Halsey It’s crazy when The thing you love the most is the detriment Let that sink in You can think again When the hand you wanna hold is a weapon and You’re […]

Halsey – Nightmare Lyrics

Nightmare by Halsey Now I lay me down to sleep I pray the Lord, my soul to keep If I shall die before I ‘wake I pray the Lord, my […]