Hardwell - Revolution Lyrics

Hardwell – Revolution Lyrics

Hardwell, Revolution The new generation There has been no ultimate seduction We needed to stay on the ground Millions, hidden ...

Hardwell - BROKEN MIRROR Lyrics

Hardwell – BROKEN MIRROR Lyrics

BROKEN MIRROR Lyrics – Hardwell Looking in the mirror, staring down my own reflection So many questions on my mind, ...

Hardwell - FCKING SOCIETY Lyrics

Hardwell – F*CKING SOCIETY Lyrics

F*CKING SOCIETY Lyrics – Hardwell They know our bullshit in the fucking society Besides saying nothing, keeping calm for eternity ...

Hardwell - BLACK MAGIC Lyrics

Hardwell – BLACK MAGIC Lyrics

BLACK MAGIC Lyrics – Hardwell I’m still a mess, you turn up My skin, it starts to burn up I ...

Hardwell - GODD Lyrics

Hardwell – GODD Lyrics

GODD Lyrics – Hardwell Do you believe in a God that satisfies? Do you believe in a God that opens ...

Hardwell - PACMAN Lyrics

Hardwell – PACMAN Lyrics

PACMAN Lyrics – Hardwell You know what Pac-Man stands for? Program and control He’s program and control man, the whole ...

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