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Category: Hatchie

Hatchie – Keep Lyrics

Keep Lyrics by Hatchie If you’d said I’d still be here a year ago I would have told you telling lies is bad for souls Imagine all the stories left […]

Hatchie – When I Get Out Lyrics

When I Get Out Lyrics by Hatchie I know I shouldn’t be thinking it No I shouldn’t even feel at all What makes you live with so few regrets? Yeah, […]

Hatchie – Kiss the Stars Lyrics

Kiss the Stars Lyrics by Hatchie Do you want to ride your bike to my house? If you want to, we can take the long route It’s not something we […]

Hatchie – Secret Lyrics

Secret Lyrics by Hatchie If you hear me, can you steer me? Just for a while, let’s reconcile Sinking, I am sinking deep down Don’t give up on, don’t give […]

Hatchie – Unwanted Guest Lyrics

Unwanted Guest Lyrics by Hatchie Just give it a rest, I’m an unwanted guest Just give it a rest, I’m an unwanted guest Just give it a rest, I’m an […]

Hatchie – Without a Blush Lyrics

Without a Blush Lyrics by Hatchie You and me, we were destined to fall apart Can you believe it’s been three years since the start? You couldn’t be any cooler […]

Hatchie – Not That Kind Lyrics

Not That Kind Lyrics by Hatchie Give me one good reason I should let you out of my sight When what you’re running from is waiting for you Over on […]

Hatchie – Her Own Heart Lyrics

Her Own Heart by Hatchie So that’s it now for summer, so long And just like that, he said, “Go on, get gone Isn’t it time you pretended you’re strong?” […]

Hatchie – Obsessed Lyrics

Obsessed by Hatchie (I get a little bit obsessed, but it’s) (I get a little bit obsessed, but it’s) Never want to light up a room on entry Figured it’s […]

Hatchie – Stay With Me Lyrics

Stay With Me Lyrics by Hatchie [Hatchie] It’s all better now you’re gone It’s all better on my own Even when you’re gone I feel like you’re the one who’s […]

Hatchie – Sleep Lyrics

Sleep by Hatchie Released : 2018 You don’t have to speak out loud You can say it in your sleep Just come see me in my dreams No wonder I’m […]