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Category: Hellyeah

HELLYEAH – Boy Lyrics

Boy by HELLYEAH: You put the boy in the box mother fucker! Then you nailed down the top and you locked it! You threw away the key, like you threw […]

HELLYEAH – Bury You Lyrics

Bury You by HELLYEAH: Fuck you and your leash, barbed wire keeps me Bound and incomplete, I’m bleeding Wolves dressed up like sheep, they surround me My anxiety, arresting Deliver […]

HELLYEAH – Perfect Lyrics

Perfect by HELLYEAH: You’re as perfect as an apple, with a worm and a bruise You’re as perfect as a song, out of key out of tune You’re as perfect […]

HELLYEAH – At Wick’s End Lyrics

At Wick’s End by HELLYEAH: I’m gonna get a spade I’m gonna dig a hole I’m gonna burrow under your skin I’ve lost all control I’m gonna cut my teeth […]

HELLYEAH – Black Flag Army Lyrics

Black Flag Army by HELLYEAH: We’ve spent our lives left out in the rain As you stand dry behind the window pane Don’t try to understand us you have no […]

HELLYEAH - I’m the One Lyrics

HELLYEAH – I’m the One Lyrics

I’m the One by HELLYEAH: Stumbling I fall Bloody hands and knees I crawl When there’s no one left to fault I’m the one, I’m the one Still searching for […]