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Category: Highly Suspect

Highly Suspect - These Days Lyrics

Highly Suspect – These Days Lyrics

These Days By Highly Suspect Something’s going on these days I don’t belong here anyways Something feels wrong these days I hate  these days Woah, I hate these days It doesn’t even […]

Highly Suspect – Taking Off Lyrics

Taking Off By Highly Suspect Nobody can be saved My mind is on overdrive I’ve got a whispering way Of saying goodbye The shadow hits your face Just for a second that’s all […]

Highly Suspect – The Silk Road Lyrics

The Silk Road By Highly Suspect (Eh, yeah) I guess I gotta draw another line in the sand Cause there’s blood on American hands And now you’re telling me it’s just God’s plan? […]

Highly Suspect – Arizona Lyrics

Arizona By Highly Suspect Touchdown in Arizona Red eyes like stones Bag’s heavy on the floor S-- on the telephone Still searching high, alone Somewhere for you in my dreams I thought I […]

Highly Suspect - @tddybear Lyrics

Highly Suspect – @tddybear Lyrics

@tddybear By Highly Suspect Wait There’s something simple I’ve been meaning to say I’ve been thinking about throwin’ my life away I know you never check your messages anyway But I wish you’d just […]

Highly Suspect – SOS Lyrics

SOS By Highly Suspect It comes in waves but I play head games with myself It’s no surprise the only prize is mental health But you’ve got me trapped like an atom all out […]

Highly Suspect – Fly Lyrics

Fly By Highly Suspect Don’t like the way that I look I don’t like the way that I feel I’m acting like everything’s cool but maybe it’s time I start keeping it real I […]

Highly Suspect – Freakstreet Lyrics

Freakstreet By Highly Suspect Be the s--- you talk about Or shut your stupid drama mouth It’s sunny out I’m running out Of time to care about what you think You’re the only […]

Highly Suspect – Canals Lyrics

Canals By Highly Suspect B----, you look so damn freaked Ya can’t eat, ya can’t sleep, ya can’t speak You wanna scream, “F--- the police!” But the words are getting […]

Highly Suspect – Tokyo Ghoul Lyrics

Tokyo Ghoul by Highly Suspect LYRICS You say that you love me But don’t I wanna be your slave So many people judge me But would they follow me to my grave? You […]

Highly Suspect – Upperdrugs Lyrics

Upperdrugs by Highly Suspect When I go out I start searchin’ for the upperdrugs When I wake up I get scared without my downerdrugs F--- It’s last call (last call) […]

Highly Suspect – 16 Lyrics

16 by Highly Suspect It  took me sixteen years to find ya One  second to love ya Seven years to hold ya One minute to lose ya Oh,  God Where  […]