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Category: Hope Tala

Hope Tala - Cherries Lyrics

Hope Tala – Cherries Lyrics

Cherries Lyrics – Hope Tala The cherries in your mouth spill stars Scarlet venom to keep in jam jars We all build worlds with joined up scars But your constellation […]

Hope Tala - Drugstore Lyrics

Hope Tala – Drugstore Lyrics

Drugstore Lyrics – Hope Tala Parked your car by the drugstore and I keep asking all these questions But you don’t wanna hear it anymore ‘Cause you should have been […]

Hope Tala - Crazy Lyrics

Hope Tala – Crazy Lyrics

Crazy Lyrics – Hope Tala You don’t need to pretend, know you don’t want to be friends with me Don’t get defensive, I don’t mean to offend, baby I’m all […]

Hope Tala - Easy to Love Me Lyrics

Hope Tala – Easy to Love Me Lyrics

Easy to Love Me Lyrics – Hope Tala I can see your heart beneath your ribcage, you should save it for me Sunlight and lemon trees, and all the things […]

Hope Tala – Jealous Lyrics

Jealous by Hope Tala Keep your secrets far away from me The truth will never set me free So let me keep to myself when sunlight fades Keep your distance […]