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Category: Hopsin

Hopsin – Covid Mansion Lyrics

Covid Mansion by Hopsin Right now, I’m in Thailand Quarantined, it’s a foreign scene Can’t go to the airport and leave And I thought my old life was boring, geez […]

Hopsin – Picasso Lyrics

Picasso by Hopsin [Hopsin] Hollywood, Hollywood, oh, how I fuckin’ love you I cannot seem to breakthrough from this curse that I’ve been stuck to I came in as a […]

Hopsin – Witch Doctor Lyrics

Witch Doctor Lyrics By Hopsin Undercover Prodigy Come on! Look, I ain’t gon’ lie to you motherfuckers, I’m bad bidness I ain’t that industry nigga who always ass-kissin’ I got […]

Hopsin – The Old Us Lyrics

The Old Us Lyrics By Hopsin I know this is super random We done had our ups and downs and I done threw some tantrums I honestly care about you […]