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Category: Hotboii

Hotboii - Oath Lyrics

Hotboii – Oath Lyrics

Oath Lyrics – Hotboii (W-W-Winners Circle) (Damn, Yak) I made an oath with my right hand That I’m keeping it real ’til the end I don’t know why they throwing […]

Hotboii - Nobody Special Lyrics

Hotboii – Nobody Special Lyrics

Nobody Special Lyrics – Hotboii If you stand for nothing, you’ll fall for anything I once said I love her, I told her anything No you don’t deserve a Birkin, […]

Hotboii - Fuck Shit Lyrics

Hotboii – Fuck Shit Lyrics

Fuck Shit Lyrics – Hotboii Kut Da Fan On Bih Uno got the streets goin’ crazy Double O lil baby Kut da fan on You only get so old in […]

Hotboii - Menace Lyrics

Hotboii – Menace Lyrics

Menace Lyrics – Hotboii I’m in a yo- 11, it’s the goat in me Spin broad day, could be 450 No fear in me, no sympathy Pop addy’s, give me […]

Hotboii - Dim Lyrics

Hotboii – Dim Lyrics

Dim Lyrics – Hotboii Mikey, Mikey, Mikey, doesn’t that sound like gunshots? I just got this runtz runtz pack got my eyes low Got no time to run the street […]