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Ice Cube – Everythangs Corrupt Lyrics

Everythangs Corrupt Lyrics Ice Cube [Intro: x2] Everythang’s corrupt Everythang’s f----- up Everythang’s ’bout to buck me s--- out of luck [Verse 1: Ice Cube] Go to school The teacher […]

Ice Cube – Non Believers Lyrics

Non Believers Lyrics Ice Cube To all the non-believers (non-believers, non-believers) I make a non-believer say, “Oh my God” Ain’t nothin’ too incredible for the Wizard of Oz Ain’t nothin’ […]

Ice Cube – Can You Dig It? Lyrics

Can You Dig It? Lyrics Ice Cube [Intro: from “Airplane” (1980) movie] [Randy:] Can I get you something? [Second Jive Dude:] ‘S’m--- butter layin’ me to da’ BONE! Jackin’ me up… tight […]

Ice Cube – Fire Water Lyrics

Fire Water Lyrics Ice Cube A lot of people wonder how they gon’ die How’my gon’ die? Will it be a bullet wound? Will they die at the hands of […]

Ice Cube – On Them Pills Lyrics

On Them Pills Lyrics Ice Cube They ask me why I’m still in the game Is it for the love or for the money? And if everybody gettin’ paid in […]

Ice Cube – Bad Dope Lyrics

Bad Dope Lyrics Ice Cube Bad dope (Bad dope, bad dope)I’m like a bad drugI’m a bad drug about to f--- you upBad dope (Bad dope, bad dope)(There’s no prescription […]

Ice Cube – Chase down the Bully Lyrics

Chase down the Bully Lyrics Ice Cube What the f--- is this s---? Baby, you see this s---? It’s like some- it’s like some walkin’ dead m------------ (You will not […]

Ice Cube – Super OG (Intro) Lyrics

Super OG (Intro) Lyrics Ice Cube Everything’s corrupt Everything’s f----- up Everything’s ’bout a buck, we s--- outta luck, yeah Blood used to be thicker than water Now it depends […]