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Category: IDK

IDK & FRIENDS :) [Album 2018]

01. POKE POKE (Feat. Thirty Rack)
02. MORAL (Feat. Maxo Kream)
03. ONCE UPON A TIME (FREESTYLE) [Feat. Denzel Curry]
04. BAD NEWS (Feat. Rico Nasty)
05. STOP (Feat. Q Da Fool)
06. OMG (Feat. Wale)
07. GOOD NEWS (Feat. Domo Genesis)


IDK – Good News Lyrics

Good News Lyrics by IDK (Feat. Domo Genesis) [Intro] This feels good right here, I like this Uh-huh, yeah, uh Check it, look [Verse 1: IDK] Riddle me this and […]


IDK – OMG Lyrics

OMG Lyrics by IDK (Feat. Wale) [Intro] Whoa, Kenny [Chorus: IDK] Oh my God, oh my God, what’s the goddamn joke? Gettin’ money’s my addiction, a goddamn drug Only thing […]


IDK – Moral Lyrics

Moral Lyrics by IDK Feat. Maxo Kream Released : 2018 [Intro: IDK] Yeah, yah, uh Ooh, ooh, ooh, yeah Uh, yeah, uh BLWYRMND Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah [Chorus: IDK & Maxo […]