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MERCEDES MARXIST by IDLES [IDLES] Forgive my crippled head Our revolution’s dead They’ve gambled all our pride They want money instead They’ve gone and speared my side I think they […]

Idles – Rottweiler Lyrics

Rottweiler by Idles Released : 2018 There’s a snake in my boot There’s a rat in my cage There’s a shark at my feet That’s been circling for days There’s […]

Idles – Cry To Me Lyrics

Cry To Me by Idles Released : 2018 When someone Leaves you all alone And nobody Calls you on the phone Don’t you feel like crying? Don’t you feel like […]

Idles – Gram Rock Lyrics

Idles – Gram Rock Lyrics

Gram Rock by Idles Released : 2018 I’m sorry your granddad’s dead Ah, lovely spread I scored a win Badda badda bing I’m the king I’m sorry your mother’s dead […]

Idles – Television Lyrics

Idles – Television Lyrics

Television by Idles Released : 2018 If someone talked to you The way you do to you I’d put their teeth through Love yourself And that’s what they do The […]

Idles – June Lyrics

June by Idles Released : 2018 Dreams can be so cruel sometimes I swear I kissed your crying eyes Dreams can be so cruel sometimes I swear I kissed your […]

Idles – Love Song Lyrics

Love Song by Idles Released : 2018 I wrote a love song ‘Cause you’re so loveable I carried a watermelon I want to be vulnerable I will not go to […]

Idles – Danny Nedelko Lyrics

Danny Nedelko by Idles Released : 2018 My blood brother is an immigrant A beautiful immigrant My blood brother’s Freddie Mercury A Nigerian mother of three He’s made of bones, he’s […]

Idles – I’m Scum Lyrics

I’m Scum by Idles Released : 2018 I’m council house and violent I’m laughing at the tyrants I’m sleeping under sirens Whilst wondering where the time went I’m scum I’m […]

Idles – Colossus Lyrics

Colossus by Idles Released : 2018 Part I I was done in on the weekend The weekend lasted twenty years The world’s best bulimic bartend Tender, violent and queer Forgive […]

IDLES – Great Lyrics

Great by IDLES Released : 2018 (listen to more jungle) Blighty wants his country back Fifty-inch screen in his cul-de-sac Whooping charm of the Union Jack As he cries at […]

Idles – Samaritans Lyrics

Samaritans by Idles Man up Sit down Chin up Pipe down Socks up Don’t cry Drink up Just lie Grow some balls, he said Grow some balls Man up Sit […]