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Category: Illenium

ILLENIUM – Gorgeous Lyrics

Gorgeous by ILLENIUM Jumping right off the edge Freedom, it’s freedom, oh whoa Wouldn’t do it for less Than freedom, freedom I was sleeping, diving, eyes closed, blinded Now for […]

ILLENIUM – Sad Songs Lyrics

Sad Songs by ILLENIUM Told me I shouldn’t watch Got in your car, then we were nothing All the nights in your room, s--- we got through Left in your […]

ILLENIUM – Broken Ones Lyrics

Broken Ones by ILLENIUM I know the way the story goes The first part is the fun We leave the room a little cold To keep each other warm Just […]

ILLENIUM – Crashing Lyrics

Crashing by ILLENIUM Intoxicating, your kiss Intoxicating, your lips Nobody does it like this I find it hard to resist, oh-ooh Feeling out of control, beautifully so What’s coming over […]

ILLENIUM – All Together Lyrics

All Together by ILLENIUM You can go ahead and judge me Just  so you can say you’re right You  can try to rise above me But what’s underneath is your […]

ILLENIUM - That’s Why Lyrics

ILLENIUM – That’s Why Lyrics

That’s Why by ILLENIUM Flame still burns, kerosene Rise and fall as I breathe All these pictures on the screen It’s almost like they’re real And I think that I’d […]

ILLENIUM – Hold On Lyrics

Hold On by ILLENIUM I can’t listen to these stupid songs ‘Cause they all remind me that you’re gone I’m still sleeping in your favorite tee Pictures I just can’t […]

ILLENIUM – In Your Arms Lyrics

In Your Arms Lyrics by ILLENIUM (with X Ambassadors) Never seen Mona Lisa up close But I’ve seen perfection under your clothes Yeah, we fell in love and we built […]

ILLENIUM – Blood Lyrics

Blood by ILLENIUM (with Foy Vance) We’re blood We’re blood ‘Cause when you find your mind in a dark place Hold on, it won’t be long Before you see my […]

Illenium – God Damnit Lyrics

God Damnit Lyrics by ILLENIUM (with Call Me Karizma) If there’s a God Why’d He make me? All of these flaws Is all that I see If there’s a God […]

Illenium – Take You Down Lyrics

Take You Down by Illenium Released : 2018 I didn’t mean to hurt you when I hurt myself It’s just an empty lie screaming out for help No, I didn’t […]

Illenium – Taking Me Higher Lyrics

Taking Me Higher by Illenium Album : Awake Released : 2017 Genre : Electronic You’re taking me higher You’re taking me You’re taking me higher You’re taking me You’re taking […]