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Category: Illenium

ILLENIUM - Blame Myself Lyrics

ILLENIUM – Blame Myself Lyrics

Blame Myself Lyrics – ILLENIUM What did I say? What do you want? I swear, I’ll make it up Oh my gosh, what have I done? Mmm, pain in my […]

ILLENIUM - Fragments Lyrics

ILLENIUM – Fragments Lyrics

Fragments Lyrics – ILLENIUM I would have waited for you there I already waited for forever Carried the weight of all your bad habits You can pretend that you don’t […]

ILLENIUM - U & Me Lyrics

ILLENIUM – U & Me Lyrics

U & Me Lyrics – ILLENIUM Maybe Somewhere on the west coast Living on the ocean With palm trees in the yard Or maybe Somewhere in the mountains Living in […]

ILLENIUM - Lay It Down Lyrics

ILLENIUM – Lay It Down Lyrics

Lay It Down Lyrics – ILLENIUM Lately, I’ve been Scaring myself Going through changes But I need to let you know Maybe I’m in The dark, no lighthouse I know […]

ILLENIUM - Losing Patience Lyrics

ILLENIUM – Losing Patience Lyrics

Losing Patience Lyrics – ILLENIUM I got everything I wanted and some more I think I was better off when I was broke Took my younger days for granted, now […]

ILLENIUM - In My Mind Lyrics

ILLENIUM – In My Mind Lyrics

In My Mind Lyrics – ILLENIUM Like a faded memory You’ll always have a piece of me I almost gave you everything and more Fell for you like pouring rain […]

ILLENIUM - Crazy Times Lyrics

ILLENIUM – Crazy Times Lyrics

Crazy Times Lyrics – ILLENIUM It’ so hard to find Some peace of mind In these crazy times Eyes open wide So fuckin’ blind In these crazy times My foundation’s […]

ILLENIUM - Brave Soul Lyrics

ILLENIUM – Brave Soul Lyrics

Brave Soul Lyrics – ILLENIUM I couldn’t sleep all last night It’s been two years since you left my life Oh, I know you’re stuck on the otherside For a […]

ILLENIUM - Sideways Lyrics

ILLENIUM – Sideways Lyrics

Sideways Lyrics – ILLENIUM Head on the dashboard I can see that your heart is breakin’ I wish, wish I could fast forward Take all of your pain and erase […]

ILLENIUM - First Time Lyrics

ILLENIUM – First Time Lyrics

First Time Lyrics – ILLENIUM I know that we haven’t met but I know your vibe Are we skipping a step? ‘Cause I really don’t mind It’s like you’ve been […]