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Category: Imagine Dragons

Origins (Album 2018)

01.  Natural
02.  Boomerang
03.  Machine
04.  Cool Out
05.  Bad Liar
06.  West Coast
07.  Zero
08.  Bullet in a Gun
09.  Digital
10.  Only
11.  Stuck
12.  Love
13.  Birds
14.  Burn Out
15.  Real Life
16.  Born To Be Yours


Evolve (Album 2017)

01.  I Don’t Know Why
02.  Whatever It Takes
03.  Believer
04.  Walking the Wire
05.  Rise Up
06.  I’ll Make It Up To You
07.  Yesterday
08.  Mouth of the River
09.  Thunder
10.  Start Over
11.  Dancing In the Dark

Imagine Dragons - Lonely Lyrics

Imagine Dragons – Lonely Lyrics

Lonely Lyrics – Imagine Dragons Sometimes, I can get a little I can get a little lonely Sometimes, I can get a little I can get a little lonely Some […]

Imagine Dragons - Monday Lyrics

Imagine Dragons – Monday Lyrics

Monday Lyrics – Imagine Dragons When you’re down on your luck I take them hands and I turn it up When you’re face to the floor I turn the dial, […]

Imagine Dragons - #1 Lyrics

Imagine Dragons – #1 Lyrics

#1 Lyrics – Imagine Dragons Could someone take me home where I’m supposed to be? I’m on my back again, caught up in something Could someone take me home? I […]

Imagine Dragons - Giants Lyrics

Imagine Dragons – Giants Lyrics

Giants Lyrics – Imagine Dragons I take a hit of anything To escape it all We’re suffocating The sharpened blade Reality Sometimes I wanna hurt me I know it’s hard […]

Imagine Dragons - It's Ok Lyrics

Imagine Dragons – It’s Ok Lyrics

It’s Ok Lyrics – Imagine Dragons She could always hear every word they say Everybody walks like they just know the way Every single day holding back the tears She’d […]