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Category: ImDontai

ImDontai – Joyus Lyrics

Joyus Lyrics by ImDontai Waiting for peace, them birds, & wind chimes my words Cluttered with nouns and verbs on repeat, cuz I constantly Regurgitate happiness at a later date […]

ImDontai – Innocent Youth Lyrics

Innocent Youth Lyrics by ImDontai Miss that innocent youth, would meet with friends after school Fake adventures in woods, evident by the shoes Muddled up to knees, momma mad cuz […]

ImDontai – Rise Lyrics

Rise Lyrics by ImDontai Ain’t scared of death, scared to die before i finish everything i have left The message in my head Erased from it when i’m dead I’m […]

ImDontai – Silenced Lyrics

Silenced Lyrics by ImDontai Shoot them shots, another bullet hit his heart Somebody died today, somebody died today Just shoot a nigga, so you prove to a nigga, that are […]

ImDontai – Haphazard Lyrics

Haphazard Lyrics by ImDontai Nigga, We not equatents, my patients tippied easily I’m ripping through my obstaeles like picking thick beadie beads I’m easily, the tiniest little frail Nigga you […]

ImDontai - Springfield Xds Lyrics

ImDontai – Springfield Xds Lyrics

Springfield Xds Lyrics by ImDontai (I fucking love you, Jordan) You don’t got the weapons you rap in yo music I just got a handgun, I hope I don’t use […]