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Category: In Flames

In Flames – Deep Inside Lyrics

Deep Inside Lyrics By In Flames Don’t you feel the need for change? The light have died in our eyes The hatred will consume us Let’s free ourselves from the […]

In Flames – Burn Lyrics

Burn Lyrics By In Flames We’re in the ruins of dreams Vultures and their dead end screams The fragile sanctuary of home Spit me out, find another clone Need a […]

In Flames – In This Life Lyrics

In This Life Lyrics By In Flames Breathing the dead Underneath a sky that used to be blue Each day living just enough While the world is coming down I […]

In Flames – We Will Remember Lyrics

We Will Remember Lyrics By In Flames We have come so far Crawled through knives and artifacts We had a purpose and a reason Behind space and time Ignore the […]

In Flames – Follow Me Lyrics

Follow Me Lyrics By In Flames You say you want it all But with the demons in your head You can’t see straight But give me a chance to be […]

In Flames – I Am Above Lyrics

I Am Above Lyrics By In Flames Cut my throat and throw me to the wolves I’m just too tired, too tired to reload Don’t need your tears, I don’t […]

In Flames – Call My Name Lyrics

Call My Name Lyrics By In Flames You don’t remember So I need to figure it out But the memories fade The truth is that I’m not so sure If […]

In Flames – I, The Mask Lyrics

I, The Mask Lyrics By In Flames From here I can hardly see a thing We’re further off with every passing second I will follow anyone that brings me to […]

In Flames – Voices Lyrics

Voices Lyrics By In Flames Could you be an angel left in the dark? It’s mostly silence echoing through the halls Kill the hunters that are lying to myself For […]