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Category: Interpol

Interpol – Real Life Lyrics

Real Life by Interpol Is this real life for a change? Are these concepts still the same? With my bloody nose, I have fixed to savagery and showbiz Dreams reliant […]

Interpol – No Big Deal Lyrics

No Big Deal by Interpol It’s no big deal to take a lie from your stove It’s no reveal something widespread overflows You will heal, pick a mindset and then […]

Interpol – The Weekend Lyrics

The Weekend Lyrics by Interpol Stop reaching in, I’ll meet you there Stop reaching in, I see you friend All in good time we’ll speak Stop reaching in Say goodbye […]

Interpol – Fine Mess Lyrics

Fine Mess  Lyrics by Interpol [Interpol] I’d like to tour the 80s But I got sideswiped and came right to ’78 My life is pro creation Well if the mood’s […]