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Category: ionnalee Lyrics

ionnalee – MYSTERIES OF LOVE Lyrics

MYSTERIES OF LOVE by ionnalee sometimes a wind blows, and you and i float, in love, and kiss forever, in a darkness, and the mysteries of love come clear, and […]

ionnalee – SILENCE MY DRUM Lyrics

SILENCE MY DRUM by ionnalee woke from silent sleep, faint and half, i ran at light speed to break through the wall. my sound is ceasing. i chase the calls […]

ionnalee – RACE AGAINST Lyrics

RACE AGAINST by ionnalee race against. human, repent. race the end. race against. “CRYSTAL” Released on May 31, 2019 REMEMBER THE FUTURE by ionnalee

ionnalee – CRYSTAL Lyrics

CRYSTAL by ionnalee sad noise. so are you gonna follow me on? you’re no good use, promising me gold and grace. living ain’t easy. this worn out body, covered in […]

ionnalee – MATTERS Lyrics

MATTERS by ionnalee with Zola Jesus the thin blue line bends across the fatal sky, like my back for you. crushed little fly, bend the line of hope. the end […]

ionnalee – SOME BODY Lyrics

SOME BODY by ionnalee if i could see your face, like some body that i used to know. if i could say your name, and my heart beat in a […]

ionnalee – WIPE IT OFF Lyrics

WIPE IT OFF by ionnalee i feel it now. i feel it now. i feel it now, like the meds are wearing off, like it hasn’t stopped bleeding, and you’re […]

ionnalee – OPEN SEA Lyrics

OPEN SEA by ionnalee Who builds a world upon a man? My ship has sailed, this ship has sailed It was loaded with jewels and gems Wave my vices farewell […]

ionnalee – Remember the Future Lyrics

Remember the Future Lyrics by ionnalee Remember the dream Remember the dream Remember the dream Remember the thirst, a hunger for more Remember the future, the simple hope Remember the […]