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J Hus – It’s Crazy Lyrics

It’s Crazy Lyrics – J Hus The devil in me, demon in me I had six but I let go of three Told my bredrin, “Let go off me” He’s

J Hus – One and Only Lyrics

J Hus – One and Only Lyrics [J Hus] I still got my youth but I’m more mature I bumped into baby by the cornerstore He’s mad ’cause I saw

J Hus – Big Conspiracy Lyrics

Big Conspiracy By J Hus Keep all your game TSB! You don’t have to find me if I’m lookin’ for you ‘Cause I’ma spin ’round there when there’s nothing to

J Hus – Helicopter Lyrics

Helicopter By J Hus Shaitan in police uniform Feds in a helicopter I seen pigs fly but I never seen a unicorn Tryna find cover on somebody’s front lawn I

J Hus – Fight for Your Right Lyrics

Fight for Your Right By J Hus (iO track, then it’s an issue) How you gonna run the world? You can’t even run your life I’m Destiny’s Child, every day

J Hus – Triumph Lyrics

Triumph By J Hus They only respect violence Badman move in silence The fakers form an alliance But the real will always triumph They only respect violence Badman move in

J Hus – Play Play Lyrics

Play Play By J Hus I know you’re in love Cah mi have di MAC with di extension And mi have di money fi ya extensions Cah mi like your

J Hus – Cucumber Lyrics

Cucumber By J Hus I can make you fall in love with everything I do Why you wanna always bite off more than you can chew? It’s so crazy, you’re

J Hus – Repeat Lyrics

Repeat By J Hus Ayy, eh, eh, eh Weh yuh dey go? We go where the money deh Then we repeter, repeter Anyhow, any way, any way Ayy, eh, eh,

J Hus – Fortune Teller Lyrics

Fortune Teller By J Hus You the one that I want, yeah, mi know, yuh know She know I want her, she a fortune teller I wear a skull cap

J Hus – Reckless Lyrics

Reckless By J Hus BCM, BCM, BCM Born Chasing Mafia Bare Cream, Motherfucker Haha, yo, listen We’re coming like the military A thousand bales come in like a tooth fairy

J Hus – Love, Peace and Prosperity Lyrics

Love, Peace and Prosperity By J Hus Love, peace and prosperity God grant us the longevity I live a street life and I sing a melody They wan’ see me

J Hus – Deeper Than Rap Lyrics

Deeper Than Rap By J Hus I don’t wanna make friends, I don’t wanna break the ice I think about my life and I analyze The gun man was aimin’

J Hus – No Denying Lyrics

J Hus – No Denying Lyrics There’s no denying The army is rising Call me a Titan Thunder and lightning The circle need tightening The hustle, I dive in Strugglin’,

J Hus – Must Be Lyrics

Must Be By J Hus Man you’re guilty, so you’re guilty, by association Man you’re guilty, so you’re guilty, by association Nah you’re guilty, nah you’re guilty, by association Ah ah ah Ah ah