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Category: J.I.D

JID & Denzel Curry - Bruuuh (Remix) Lyrics

JID & Denzel Curry – Bruuuh (Remix) Lyrics

Bruuuh (Remix) Lyrics – JID & Denzel Curry J-J-J-J.I.D D-D-D-D D-D-D-D D-D-D, d-damn, said I’m back again To whoop ass, the blicka blast from the ratchet, man The maddest, blackest […]

JID - Ballads feat. Conway Lyrics

JID – Ballads feat. Conway Lyrics

Ballads Lyrics – JID Wasn’t used to taking orders if I ruled, my apologies I never been a follower, I’m addicted to the power So I studied the remains of […]

JID - JIDtranada Freestyle Lyrics

JID – JIDtranada Freestyle Lyrics

JIDtranada Freestyle Lyrics – JID Uh-uh, yuh Look Paradise, Paradise Escapades, shit Look, uh I’m just an old-ass, young nigga A smart-ass, dumb nigga A brand new nigga, but I […]

J.I.D - Cludder Freestyle Lyrics

JID – Cludder Freestyle Lyrics

Cludder Freestyle Lyrics – J.I.D Uh, see what the fuck I’m sayin’? See what I’m sayin’? Look nigga, don’t talk about style cause I violate Shut the fuck up when […]

Wynne & JID – Ego Check Lyrics

Ego Check By Wynne & JID Lyrics I was gonna explain myself And then I decided I don’t wanna do that I don’t look back so they ho ass never […]

J.I.D – Hasta Luego Lyrics

Hasta Luego Lyrics J.I.D Hasta luego, I’m finna break through… All of my… all of my life I been chasing a check and I never get it Been around it, […]