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Category: J.I.D

J.I.D – Hasta Luego Lyrics

Hasta Luego Lyrics J.I.D Hasta luego, I’m finna break through… All of my… all of my life I been chasing a check and I never get it Been around it, […]

J.I.D – Despacito Too Lyrics

Despacito Too Lyrics J.I.D Uptown Ayy, it’s, it’s all for the kids man, this-this shit for the kids For the little children, uh Um I can be whatever I wanna […]

J.I.D – Just da Other Day Lyrics

Just da Other Day Lyrics J.I.D [DJ Drama:] Just the other day it was a dream to make it… Just the other day, that same dream… they tried to take […]

J.I.D – Mounted Up Lyrics

Mounted Up Lyrics J.I.D Ok, I’m mounted up High off the ground, watch me count it up Cop me a pound, burn it down with us Let’s hit the town, […]

J.I.D – Hot Box Lyrics

Hot Box Lyrics J.I.D [DJ Drama:] Oh yeah… DJ Drama… [Joey Bada$$ & DJ Drama:] I’m trapped in my mind, I need help (I need help) I’m still going, gangster […]

J.I.D – Skrawberries Lyrics

Skrawberries Lyrics J.I.D [J.I.D:] My girl booty soft and it’s shaped like a skrawberry Her pussy bald with a tat like Stephon Marbury Carry all my dirt to the grave, […]