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Category: J.I.D

J.I.D – Hasta Luego Lyrics

Hasta Luego Lyrics J.I.D Hasta luego, I’m finna break through… All of my… all of my life I been chasing a check and I never get it Been around it, […]

J.I.D – Despacito Too Lyrics

Despacito Too Lyrics J.I.D Uptown Ayy, it’s, it’s all for the kids man, this-this s--- for the kids For the little children, uh Um I can be whatever I wanna […]

J.I.D – Just da Other Day Lyrics

Just da Other Day Lyrics J.I.D [DJ Drama:] Just the other day it was a dream to make it… Just the other day, that same dream… they tried to take […]

J.I.D – Mounted Up Lyrics

Mounted Up Lyrics J.I.D Ok, I’m mounted up High off the ground, watch me count it up Cop me a pound, burn it down with us Let’s hit the town, […]

J.I.D – Hot Box Lyrics

Hot Box Lyrics J.I.D [DJ Drama:] Oh yeah… DJ Drama… [Joey Bada$$ & DJ Drama:] I’m trapped in my mind, I need help (I need help) I’m still going, gangster […]

J.I.D – Skrawberries Lyrics

Skrawberries Lyrics J.I.D [J.I.D:] My girl booty soft and it’s shaped like a skrawberry Her p---- bald with a tat like Stephon Marbury Carry all my dirt to the grave, […]

J.I.D – Tiiied Lyrics

Tiiied Lyrics J.I.D [J.I.D:] I been so down on my that luck stuff ain’t lookin’ up I need somethin’ that’s takin’ me higher And maybe I’m outta touch and in […]

J.I.D – Off da Zoinkys Lyrics

Off da Zoinkys Lyrics J.I.D Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah Alright, J.I.D and Christo Y’all n----- need to lay off the drugs Some of y’all need to lay off […]

J.I.D – Westbrook Lyrics

Westbrook Lyrics J.I.D [J.I.D:] Christo, yeah I was just trying to get me some money the other day I been so down on my luck, I’m humble in every way […]

J.I.D – Slick Talk Lyrics

Slick Talk Lyrics J.I.D Activate, activate, activate Activate, activate, activate You know I’m about to activate Activate, activate, activate Activate, activate, activate Activate Whoa Kenny! Activation, activation Maturation, process rap […]

J.I.D – Frequency Change Lyrics

Frequency Change Lyrics J.I.D “Ooh, you wanna have a fantasy tonight, call 1-800-555-d----2…” “Today on DiCaprio’s World Discoveries, I’m here backstage at a hip-hop concert. I just spotted a gaggle […]

J.I.D – Off Deez Lyrics

Off Deez by J.I.D FEAT. J. Cole [J.I.D, Lil Jon & Valee] Gangsta, gangsta, gangsta J.I.D, woah s---, woah s---, woah s--- ChaseTheMoney, ChaseTheMoney Please, please [J.I.D] Get off my d---, get off […]

J.I.D – Working Out Lyrics

Working Out by J.I.D Released : 2018 Yeah, look, uh Own everything I gave everything and got nothing back Ain’t looking for no pat on backs, that ain’t how we […]

J.I.D – 151 Rum Lyrics

151 Rum by J.I.D Released : 2018 Yeah Run, Nicky, run Run, n----, run Jump, n----, jump Come here they come, run, run, run, run Gun with the drum, bum […]


J.I.D – DEMONS Lyrics

DEMONS by J.I.D Full Lyrics will be available soon. check Back later or you can send us the lyrics using form below. [contact-form-7 id=”151140″ title=”Submit Lyrics”]