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Category: J.I.

J.I. – Own Shit Lyrics

Own S--- by J.I.: I’m way too young to be tripping on some old s--- If you get caught up, you better act like you ain’t no s--- When s--- got hot, I left […]

J.I. – Need Me Lyrics

Need Me by J.I.: Need Me Lyrics: I swear this gon’ f--- the summer up N----- hatin’ on me ’cause I’m comin’ up F--- you all night, we not gon’ stop till the […]

J.I. – Blame On Me Lyrics

Blame On Me by J.I.: Blame On Me Lyrics: I  don’t like to go outside ’cause I can’t stand the rain I  walk outside with all this pride cause I […]

J.I. - Pain Lyrics

J.I. – Pain Lyrics

Pain by J.I.: Pain Lyrics: I done lost many n----- in this crazy ’cause nowadays I just be use to this s--- I can name many n----- moving shady is […]

J.I. – Rude Lyrics

Rude by J.I.: Rude Lyrics: She addicted to that fast life cash right Not make it last type Pyssy so good, I swear I f----- her in my past life […]

J.I. - Love Won’t Change Lyrics

J.I. – Love Won’t Change Lyrics

Love Won’t Change by J.I.: ove Won’t Change Lyrics: You say you wanna be friends, but I’m tryna be more than that I could leave my name on your body […]